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Welcome to Photo Clipping UK. Based in the North East of England, Photo Clipping UK provide a clipping path service supporting graphic designers and publishing companies as well as online ecommerce shops and businesses requiring clipping path service.


Our Photo Clipping and Editing Services

Photo Clipping UK works with photographers, graphic designers and publishers as well as online shopping websites to create images ready for publishing. Photo Clipping UK provide vector clipping path services, photo background removal, drop shadow and reflective shadowing, colour correction or adaption, ghost mannequin editing as well as photo retouching services.

What is a clipping path? Like image masking, clipping path is an image editing technique that allows you to remove the background from an image. Once a clipping path has been created, the selected object can be edited and shadows added as required or it can be embedded into another background or be used without a background.

Clipping a photo for a brochure

Vector Clipping Path

Clipping path image editing enables the removal of an unwanted background from an image and is masked for merging with other images or backgrounds.

Removal of photo background

Background Removal

Background removal is ideal for use on ecommerce advertising such as Amazon listings where each product needs to have a white background.

Adding realistic drop shadow or reflective shadow to an image.

Drop & Reflective Shadows

Shadow creation is perfect for making your products look realistic after being removed from a background this can be achieved by drop or relection shadowing.

Colour correction and duplication for product variation

Colour Correction

Our colour correction or adaption service is ideal when there are various colours of the same product. With one photo the various options can be created.

Ghost mannequin photo editing

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin combines photos from various view points to create the illusion that product is in 3D for example creating a neck joint.

Retouching of a photo

Photo Retouching

Make a great photo perfect with photo retouching, removing any spot or blemish on the image to make products look even more attractive.

Using a specialist clipping path service is far more economical rather than involving expensive graphic designers. We are happy to work on small quanities of images though to hundreds.

What We Do

An Example Of The Photo Editing Process

An example of a the removal of the photo background and editing of the photo for use in a brochure.

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